Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tuesday: Amy Thomson—science fiction and gardening

From the Duwamish Longhouse we went round the corner and up the hill to Liz's friend, Amy Thomson, science fiction writer [link 2] [link 3] and gardener, who generously gave Helen a book and signed it

and at the sight of whose garden Helen developed an acute case of gesticulation

The view from up here

 to down there

But first, there was another demanding mouth to feed...

Regarding the garden, we note from our mild-climate perspective that gardens here experience deep winter frost. This is the world in which food production has to be quick marched through the summer.
The potatoes are growing in felted plant sacs

Irrigation because while wonderful damp growing weather now,
there is a very dry month and a half in summer
The peril of forgetting the chickens are free ranging!

The chicken house is (heftily) mobile. The home team elegant.
 Before we left, Amy found a copy of a 'get out and vote' flyer from the Rat City Roller Derby team, in which Liz appeared. We were given a copy and will have Liz sign it.

and just time for a families photo

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