Monday, 25 May 2015

Eureka Wednesday: the accessibility of beauty and virtue

Visions grand and particular, pride and perception.

The old port and an old back yard. Places have a 'look'.

Such a lovely old town with delightful people.

We were enjoined not to take photos in the Clarke Museum, but can assure you it's a very special place with the energies of staff and volunteers seeming to breathe the spirit of the founder, the history teacher Cecile Clarke, who foresaw a great future for an old bank building.

Up there on the wall she presides. There are excellent displays of European settlement life and breathtaking examples of Native American crafts in a whole wing of the building. Do not miss the place.

There are many fine shops.

Among them Harry's Northcoast Knittery. Even if you don't knit, you may find a fine gift for someone. I did, this is not a paid promotion, I just find people and what they do of great interest and we meet so many interesting people, here these displayed in milieu.

The view from a across the road

taken from in front of this bookshop

Around in F Street, near the waterfront, we dropped into Cathy Dean-Michaels' Strictly for the Birds


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