Sunday, 24 May 2015

The long and winding road

In 48 hours we will be in Mexico, so I hurry hurry to record some more of the past week.

Here is the theme music for this scribble-bit.

Back in those days when hair and weeks and prospective life was long, we had thought that driving San Francisco-Monterey-Los Angeles (en route to work in Washington DC) was mighty fine and quite long. Since then I have said (not least to myself) that there are three great roads in the world, the Monterey peninsula in California, the Amalfi coast drive (also see the top photo description here) and my own secret, where used to farm, the Reedy Creek Road, Eurobodalla, NSW Australia.

But the road down the northern northern coast (many refer to 'northern California' meaning north of Disneyland, Hollywood and Los Angeles) changes dimensions and perspectives. Take all them thar, it says, put 'em on this shelf over here and let me show you something... and something... and something and something and something... It places itself in another category.

And it's much longer than any of those itty things. Bendy.

The unrecognised, too-far-away Third Work of Slartybartfast

Forests and sea edges and more. A lot of the forest tourist industry closed up, alas, not many coming this way...

the sunroof proved useful racing through the forest

Like these folks, we drove through a tree. These are interesting small businesses, carving out car sized niches

An inadvertent missing of the turn from 101 (where in higher country it was warm and dry) back to highway 1 meant we went down a local road over ridge, round corner and down and down to find the coast again. 

Thus disconcerted by frequent disconnection Ms Google on Liz's phone declared us for a long time to be back in Arcata with days and days to drive to find our place to sleep in Gualala. 

So on down the coast towards evening

in the latening afternoon, the rise of sea mist and slanting light produced a magic silvering

Plunging back from time to time into wondrous alcoves, after which on into the darkening to the Speakeasy of Fort Bragg and the gentility of Mendocino, to arrive well after dark in Gualala.

 Gualala was in Mendocino County, just north of the border of Sonoma County, the Gualala Country Inn B&B very comfortable.

Sonoma County sonorously asking: "You want cliff edges, you want silver edged seas? Easy. How about cows? You like cows, cliffs, shiny seas? Right-eo then, comin' up!"

Bends ok? We do lotsa bends...

one road all the way down and around: down, down, cross the creek, come back up, go round.

thank you Sonoma, that was very nice, perhaps you can sit down now and we can see some of the other girls' photos.

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