Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Portland: minds and imaginations

We spend a happy couple of hours sharing Liz's friendship with the wonderful Alberto Yañez.

We were generously accommodated overnight by Venetia Charles and Lee Moyer.

All that was after our first venture in Portland, where Helen led us on a hunt for the Patrick Dougherty stick sculptures at the Children's Museum, the better to inform her own garden creativity, given that when we get home there will be very large numbers of long shoots to prune from her mulberry. These will be weavable still, we hope, when pruned, but not of such quality as the maple used by Dougherty.

The first obstacle was that there is no admission to the magical Portland Children's Museum without being accompanied by a child. However, Helen prevailed with charm and encountered in response the charm which greets us throughout this trip. The museum was more than generous and gracious, allowing the three of us an escorted journey to see the sculpture, without entry charge.

These works are to a degree ephemeral, they will age. We understand they were installed a year ago.

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