Sunday, 24 May 2015

and today, Sunday in Golden Gate Park

We went to brunch at Velo Rouge with friends of Liz and Mike and then to Golden Gate Park where on Sunday John F Kennedy Drive is closed to motor vehicles for people to skate and bike. On the first map, get your bearings, ocean and blue spot is our place. And the whole park, about 10% bigger than New York's Central Park. In the second map, see some of the Sunday-closed-off John F Kennedy Drive. Liz and Mikey took skates, we took coats, it was a really chilly day compared with balmy Saturday. Somewhere I have a movie of folks doing the Lindy at free swing dance class in one spot of pavement. Liz took movies of folks skating to music, Mikey in the first clip The music was played out of a machine by the crowd on the other side of the skaters. Youtube with vigilance has struck off that music for copyright reasons. See Liz's now silent movies below.

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