Saturday, 23 May 2015

Seattle: back last week, a little moment, 320 Something Street

I found a missing moment among photos.

On a rainy afternoon we drove wandering around the square-grid-planted-roundabouts world of Greenwood uphill from Green Lake Seattle, shamelessly stopping in the drizzle to photograph the microworld of people's free expression in their front gardens and house fronts.

While so doing Ernesto (Ernie) San Miguel came home from work and with that strength of ex-military gentle purpose said hello in that way which says hello-would-you-mind-explaining-why-you-are-taking-pictures-of-my-house. The answer was simple. The house was beautiful and Ernie happily posed, invited us in to coffee (we said no thank you, could not impose) and told us proudly that the house had been in family for generations. He himself had come from Texas with the military, his family Mexican from when Texas was Mexican, from before the first Norte Americano war on foreign soil from a time when Mexico included what are now parts of the USA bigger than the whole of present Mexico. Well, Ernie didn't speak of all that like that, I just thought I'd drop it in, you can continue pursuing that subject here.

So Ernie came to Seattle and married a celtic MacDougall, and it's the MacDougall house in front of which we begin this set of pictures of Ernie's place on a foggy rainy afternoon in May 2015. Thank you for your gentle smiles and hospitality Ernie.

and next door... a garden bed!

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