Saturday, 16 May 2015

Friday 15 May: Green Lake 2 — the sun, the boating, the people

We went to Green Lake again on Friday, the weather now sunny and mild.

We rented a somewhat catamaranly thing with pedals for four. Helen sat up ahead of Liz, I sat opposite.

It is a fine exercise for an hour with abundant opportunity for gesticulation

on the Friday a week before the Memorial Day weekend, when summer holidays begin to begin, we had an easy quiet time on the lake.

several others had sailboats to muck about on but we were the only peddlers out and we were the only ones thus to steadfastly head for the island at the far end of the lake, circumnavigate same and head straight back with the wind behind us.

They all had to tack, of course, hither and thither, while we did the turtle thing

and they weren't getting exercise the way we were. Not that I was jealous.

Planes passed over(Helen's)head.

It requires mind over matter when you are running with the wind at your back but thus feeling as if standing still, while little waves hasten past faster, the approaching shoreline providing some reassurance that you are not retreating backwards while pedalling hard.

but we got there and with smug warm leg muscles we virtuously sat in what has become luscious warm weather.

amid the passing parade

with some of whom we had to chat. On the leash a fresh-trimmed English sheepdog. 
Under the hood a four month old boy. 

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