Friday, 22 May 2015


I am days behind. It's San Francisco Friday and still to record from Monday night onward coming down the California coast with two nights in Trinidad, one night in Gualala and so much between. Long days, huge impressions. Here just a few introductory splashes.

Gourmet breakfasts

Mixing it in the biker cafe, Eureka... alarming reading below

Outside the Speakeasy in Fort Bragg:
I said "That must be a Labradane"
and this guy said "Oh yes, it must be, I remember, I used to have one of those."

Inside the Speakeasy, Fort Bragg.
Coffee Porter from the Dust Bowl Brewing Company, Turlock
Brewmaster Don Oliver
A minor episode of gesticulation while awaiting dinner
 in the lovely restaurant Trillium in picture postcard Mendocino.

Highway 1, Sonoma County, southbound
I speak for myself. Don't you say a word about my make-up.
It took me all morning, after I hit my head on the fridge.
Capturing the Golden Gate

I am a Sheep Dog.
I live in the Outer Richmond District of San Francisco.
My slave surfer guy is in this gym here.
Do come near and feel how nice I am.

By the way, that object which has caught your eye...
that's my rawhide bone I'm supposed to like
but which is less interesting than thou.

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