Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tuesday night: Roller Derby, Rat City practice

I've never understood how busy people maintain diaries and to blog another item for Tuesday, possible briefly here only because jet lag has laggardly arrived and I'm doing this at 4.30am Thursday..well, for now it has to be brief.

We went in the evening to the practice evening of Rat City where Mikey was head umpire for the first set and Liz did robust gym work. I refer, more correctly, to Mike Hammer and Betsy Nails, as they are pseudonymously known in the roller derby world.

actually when he was head referee he was in the centre offering poor photo opportunity;
in the second set he was the member of the refereeing team working from the outside,
much more impressive action for the camera.
We have some film, but not ready yet! 

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